Do you agree that your consumption would be more during the day time? While you could not say exactly how much variation is seen in the consumption during the day and the night, you could confidently say that the variation does exist. So, taking into consideration this difference in the consumption levels during various parts of the day, the suppliers have been trying to best fit their prices to the average usage of the electricity during the day time and by how much the consumers would be using on an average.



So, when you get this quality information from the  strø  you could evaluate how the average numbers are matching with the average numbers in your own electricity bills so that you could understand whether you fall into the acceptable range of people using the electricity in the day time. Once you get this clarification you could then sign up the agreement that is prepared by the suppliers after having discussed with the helper whom you are relying on. However, before you sign the agreement read through the prices since you should not be confused at a later part as to what is charged to you against what is committed or agreed up on in the agreement.

The agreement would always be done taking into the consideration the base price that exists at that point of time. Here the base price that we are referring to is the spot price as is printed in the newspapers in one corner or as is scrolled on the TV screen in some of the news channels. So, you could take this spot price as the base for calculating the agreement price so that you know you have the right numbers mentioned in the agreement and you are signing it after having fully ready with the conscious mind.